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Set with a roller crusher type 800x1000

Technical description


The offered crushing set is designed for grinding, for example, waste from limestone burning in a shaft furnace. The crushing set is mounted on a wheeled chassis suitable for towing behind all motor vehicles adapted for this on public roads. Only user registration is required.


The main device of the set, i.e. a roller crusher type 800 x 1000, as well as other devices included in the set are driven by electric motors. A power generator will be used to drive the electric motors used. It is possible to power the offered set directly from the user's network, bypassing the generator.


The material to be shredded should be fed to a loading hopper with a capacity of approximately 3 m3, located directly above the selection belt conveyor. The conveyor, L ~ 3,7 m long, transports the material to the roller crusher for crushing.


The used roller crusher, type 800 x 1000, has the possibility of adjusting the gap between the rolls in the range from 3 to 10 mm. From under the crusher, the shredded material is transferred to a 6,7 m long receiving belt conveyor, which transports the aggregate to a heap or a trailer. The set is set on support feet for the period of operation. The set is controlled from the control panel.

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