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Set with crusher type 500x600

The crushing set is mounted on an adjustable frame that does not require foundations and allows for its free movement. The place of foundation should only be level and hardened. The main device of the set, i.e. the crusher, is driven directly by the internal combustion engine, the remaining devices by hydraulic motors powered by a hydraulic unit.


The material intended for grinding should be fed to the loading basket located above the vibrating feeder. The vibrating feeder will be in option with a sieving grate with a gap of ~ 40mm, screening out small and clay elements. The screened material is transported outside the set by a collecting conveyor with the following parameters: B = 500 mm, L = 2850 mm. The debris remaining in the feeder is fed to a 500 x 600 jaw crusher for crushing. It is transported from under the crusher by a receiving belt conveyor, which transports the aggregate to a heap or a trailer.


A magnetic separator will be installed above the receiving belt conveyor. The sides of the charging hopper and the side belt conveyor (collecting fine fractions from under the hopper) for transport can be folded in order to reduce the external dimensions of the set. The set is placed on an independent frame which is adapted for loading and transport by cars equipped with a loading system for containers or can be transported on low-loader trailers.

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