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The Mobile Self-Loading Crusher

Mobile Self-Loading Crusher  


Technical description:


The self-loading crusher is designed to crush concrete elements and construction debris, e.g. from building demolition. The material is loaded into the hopper by means of a shovel bucket or a shell grapple with a capacity of 1 m3. Vibrating feeder mounted under the hopper, most of the fine material is screened out, and the oversize grain is fed to the crusher, where it is crushed.


The Self-Loading Crusher is mounted on a caterpillar chassis that allows it to be freely moved.

In the current state of technology, two machines must be used to crush construction debris formed during the demolition of industrial buildings and various worn-out structures: a mobile loader or excavator and a mobile crusher.


These are expensive machines and few companies have sufficient capital to start such pro-ecological activity. In addition, the processing of waste in the form of concrete rubble is not very profitable, which greatly extends the period of return on capital employed for the purchase of the above-mentioned machines. Each of the above-mentioned machines has a powerful internal combustion engine that emits exhaust fumes into the atmosphere.


Both machines have the same components, such as the driving mechanism, the hydraulic unit generating the pressure of the hydraulic oil used to drive the various devices, the driving control, etc. However, these components are not fully used in both machines.


The Self-Loading Crusher has a significant advantage over other mobile crushers, as it uses a loading and crushing system in one machine, achieving maximum efficiency, with significantly lower fuel consumption compared to two separate machines, i.e. a mobile crusher and a loader.


The Self-Loading Crusher also has the advantage of lower transport, operating and maintenance costs and halving the risk of failure.


The discharge conveyor, thanks to the possibility of rotation by approx. 1800, enables any shaping of the heap with the crushed material.

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