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Other machines

Ball and vertical drum mills

Ball drum mills


The characteristics of individual mills depend on their size - capacity.


Drum mills offered by the company "Makrusz" S.A. are characterized by high grinding efficiency and low noise emission, meeting the strictest European standards. The use of modern electrical solutions thanks to which it will be possible to:


- setting the mill to idle for loading and unloading.
- the ability to automatically turn off the mill after the assumed operating time.


The mills are produced in two versions: i.e. designed for dry or wet operation.


The working capacity of each mill takes into account the installed inner lining with a thickness of approximately 40/45 mm.


The lining and grinding media are made of AL900EC with an AL2O3 content of about 92% and a hardness of 9 ° according to MOHSʼA. The use of such material for linings and grinding media protects the ground material against contamination with, for example, metal elements, etc. The offered mills are mounted on a supporting structure.


For each mill, we provide a set of grinding media for the first loading.

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