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What Poland’s EU accession means for Polish manufacturers is that the market is governed by universal environment protection standards. Currently, manufacturers are divided into those who use clean production technologies and those who use the financial aid from structural funds to gradually shift to environment-friendly production technology. It is a matter of time and funds. But the problem of overloaded landfills, increasing costs of their operation, lack of funds for sorting, recycling, neutralizing and dissolving municipal and industrial waste, will continue for a long time. That is why our design and manufacturing company has gradually included in its commercial offer state-of-the-art design solutions for technological lines as well as individual machines and devices.


Machines and technological lines for: separating, sorting, grinding and recycling municipal and industrial waste:

1. Stationary sorting line for separating and sorting municipal and industrial waste. Depending on the user’s operational needs, the line can be equipped with a set of chamber, troughed, scraper or sorting conveyors, as well as a bag breaker, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, sorting cabin and specialized recycling devices.