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      MAKRUSZ, a joint stock company, has operated since 1998, implementing numerous projects in Poland and abroad.

The company targets the niche market of crushing and sifting machines specially adapted for non-standard uses and technological needs of our clients.

We provide machines and spare parts to multiple companies such as: LHOIST, LAFARGE, HEIDELBERG, MIEBACH, SGL CARBON GROUP. Most of our clients operate quarries, gravel pits, limestone processing plants, ceramics manufacture plants etc. In the recent years, clients have shown great interest in our recycling machines.

We have the technical documentation and know-how necessary to manufacture large hammer crushers with 600 ÷ 1000 t/h capacity, designed mainly for use in the cement industry due to high grinding intensity per grinding cycle. Based on our own technical documentation, we manufacture roll crushers, mainly with dimensions 800 x 800 and 1000 x 1000, of which we have sold 4 units to fertilizer plants and 2 units to companies in Norway.

We have the documentation, moulding and equipment for the manufacture of a hydraulic cone crusher, as well as a tested prototype.

During tests we produced a prototype of the innovative mobile self-loading crusher, for which we received 2.1 million złotys from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. As part of this project, we purchased the CNC bending break with 4000 kN pressure, CNC lathe and a forklift with 50kN lifting capacity. The value of this investment was ca. 700,000 złotys.

The self-loading crusher, belonging to the class of < 30 ton machines, is designed to crush debris on smaller demolition sites where heavy tracked crushers would be uneconomic and often there is not enough place for a loading excavator. Due to the dynamic development of the Polish real estate market, such services are in high demand.

During the 13 years of its operation, the company has served hundreds of clients from various industries. These clients were attracted mainly to our intangible assets, i.e. technical documentation for machines and devices manufactured by the company, protected trademark and name of the company as well as patent applications for two inventions.

We manufacture our products in a leased production hall with an area of 1100 m².

Our primary machinery stock includes two boring machines (1250 x 1250 x 1000) with measuring rulers, 3 lathes, radial drilling machine with Ø50 of drilling diameter, horizontal milling machines – 2 units, turning and boring mill Ø1250 x 1000 mm, vertical shaper with 600 mm stroke length, oxy-acetylene and plasma cutter with numerical control (1500 x 3000 mm), MIG-MAG 500 A welding machine, 5 T crane, forklifts with 5 T and 3.5 T lifting capacity, 2 delivery cars and metalworking tools for 20 employees.

New machines, such as a 400 T/4000 mm CNC bending brake, a 5 T forklift and a CNC lathe, were added to the machinery stock in the IV quarter of 2011.

We use our own moulding in manufacture.

We employ experienced designers who work on licensed Auto - CAD 3D tools. We co-operate with a large design company specializing in crushers, which can prepare documentation for large structures in a short amount of time.

The sales department is composed of people with experience in international import and export trade. Sales department employees have extensive knowledge of crushing and sifting machines, as well as their target market.

Our factory is located very close to a Technology Park where tax exemption can be obtained in the case of the construction and launch of a production plant.

Makrusz S.A. is also the representative of western companies manufacturing crushers and crushing equipment. Detailed information about our products and services can be found by clicking on appropriate buttons on the home page.